11 Morning Sickness Remedies

The joy of discovering you’re pregnant can be quickly overshadowed by a constant need to bow down before the porcelain throne. Morning sickness, which is rarely confined to mornings, can become the bane of your existence during the first trimester, rearing its ugly head with every whiff of food or sudden movement.

Now that you’ve been initiated into the land of morning sickness and your pregnancy feels a whole lot more real, you need some relief.  Here are 11 remedies that may help ease the queasiness.


  1. The Pregnant Woman’s Starter Kit


Saltines and ginger ale, often jokingly referred to as the Pregnant Woman’s Starter Kit (along with pickles and ice cream). Sip on a little bit of flat ginger ale and nibble on some crackers kept at your bedside to make getting up a little more pleasant.


  1. Smaller Meals, More Frequently


Try grazing throughout the day instead of eating three larger meals.  Small, consistent intake may just help to banish nausea.


  1. Preggy Pop Drops


These yummy little lollipops are also available as Preggy Pop Drops. With vitamins and a tart flavour to ease morning sickness, Preggy Pops are great for stashing in your purse for those woozy emergencies. Find them at Ella Bella Maternity.


  1. Ginger


Try sipping ginger tea, eating candied ginger, or adding ginger to your cooking. Real ginger has long been known for its anti-nauseant properties.


  1. Tart Juices and Candies


Try sipping lemonade or eating sour candies like IceBreakers Sours. I don’t know what it is about sour flavours that curb nausea, but it really does work.


  1. Reduce Stress


I know, easier said than done, but studies have shown that pregnant women with higher levels of stress are more likely to experience morning sickness. Try relieving stress by talking with a therapist, practising yoga, going to a meditation group, and taking time out for yourself.


  1. Acupuncture


Acupuncture can be helpful for almost every pregnancy-related discomfort. The maternity experts at Holistic Institute for Health and Fertility can give you the lowdown on how acupuncture can get you feeling more like yourself.


  1. Acupressure


Have you ever seen Sea-Bands? They’re these little wrist bands with a nodule on them, designed to stimulate a specific pressure point that reduces nausea. I wouldn’t exactly classify them as “bling,” but they are effective for many women.


  1. Mint


Peppermint tea, sniffing peppermint essential oil, or chewing mint gum can all help with nausea.  Just make sure you never ingest essential oils if you’re not under strict supervision by a licensed aromatherapist.  Despite some of the information on the web, taking essential oils internally is not considered safe.


  1. Vitamin B6


There is some evidence that taking a B6 supplement can help with morning sickness. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the proper dose.


  1. Frozen Treats


Ice chips, popsicles, and slushies can work wonders for stopping morning sickness in its tracks.  Something about the cold can really bring relief.  And frozen treats are delicious, too!



Thankfully, most people only experience nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. Keep trying remedies until you find the right one, and don’t be afraid to call it a day and get some rest if you can’t shake it. Sometimes, the best cure is rest, hydration, and some pampering.

What remedy did you find most effective for reducing morning sickness?

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