How Can I Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Maybe you’re in your final weeks, or maybe you’ve just found out you’re expecting, but for some reason there is a lower back pain present and –for lack of better words- it’s a pain in the butt!


Backache’s during pregnancy are the most common complaint for our clients.


This discomfort can come and go throughout all three trimesters, and all due to the same reason. With your pregnancy comes a hormone called Relaxin, which helps to soften and loosen your joints –which is great for childbirth- but is the main reason for your backache. While this discomfort may feel dull or be barely noticeable at first, your growing baby will increase the stress on your already-stretched ligaments and can greatly increase your discomfort during the last few months of your pregnancy. Luckily there is a list of things you can try to ease your backache and increase your comfort.


Alternating hot/cold packs can help to increase blood circulation to the area (hot), and also decrease any swelling that may be happening as a response to your body’s stress (cold). These are excellent during your first and second trimester when the weight of your baby is putting the least amount of stress on your muscles and stretched ligaments.


Exercise, while maybe not the most appealing option, can help to decrease your lower back discomfort in the first trimester when your body isn’t under too much stress and you can still move! Though, with so many other options, don’t feel pressured to do this unless you actually feel like it 😉


Warm showers are a great option to soothe your tense muscles and taking a stool into the shower with you can allow you to be comfortable while you let the hydrotherapy take effect.


Treating yourself to a prenatal massage can help release muscle tension that is especially present in the last trimester. With the extra weight putting pressure on your ligaments, your muscles may be tighter and more sore than ever.


If you’re looking for someone else –or in this case, something else- to do the work, then the TENS machine may be right for you! This machine works by sending small pulses through the electrodes placed on your skin to intercept the pain signals being sent to your brain. Through this, your brain will have a decreased perception of discomfort, making the TENS machine a fabulous option for all throughout your pregnancy. You can even use it to increase comfort during birth!


As we have mentioned, your muscles may become tight and tense, further increasing your discomfort. If you are working during your pregnancy in a high stress environment, or are stuck in a desk all day, trying to decrease your overall stress levels may be helpful. There are tons of great prenatal yoga class options in the YYC area, and if you’re wanting to pick up meditation, you can find some great apps on IOS or Andriod –our current favourite is Calm (available on IOS).