For those wanting a different childbirth education experience, Dulce Vida Doula Services offers Hypnobabies® childbirth education with a certified Hypnobabies® Instructor.

Our six-week, three-hours-per-week class is a complete childbirth education program that teaches hypno-moms to use real medical grade hypnosis which can allow them an eyes-open childbirth experience. Hypno-moms will also find themselves to be fully in tune with their baby(s) throughout the birthing process.

Birth Partners are encouraged and welcomed to join this class. As a Birth Partner, you will learn different ways to support the Hypno-mom, and you will practice hypnosis cues to keep yourself calm during the birthing process.

Hypno-moms without partners can learn, practice and participate in both private and group classes.

Our next group class will begin on March 12th, 9am-12pm, at The Wellness Studio 1603 20 Ave NW.




In-home private class series, located within Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, or Chestermere $700



If you would like to register for the in-home private class series, please contact us

If you are interested in an in-home private class series but are located outside of Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, or Chestermere, please contact us for a quote

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