Postpartum Doula

Most expectant families imagine their new addition to bring a lifetime of joy and love.  While this is certainly what should be expected, there are additional emotions and challenges that new babies often bring.

Exhaustion, self doubt and the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed can often accompany the joy and excitement of bringing home an infant. When these, or other emotions arise, having the support of a postpartum doula can be a perfect solution.

You can expect your postpartum doula to take on some of the responsibilities that you feel comfortable temporarily relinquishing to her, in order to catch up on some much needed rest. She will assist with light housekeeping, running errands, meal preparations and other tasks you just can’t seem to find time to get to, never mind complete.

Whether it is hands on step-by-step newborn care instruction you need or you are looking for a professional opinion, your knowledgeable and experienced postpartum doula will deliver!

Consider her the extra set of hands that can help get double the tasks accomplished.

Your doula will support you during the time of day and/or night that you need most:

  • When your days are overwhelming and all you can look forward to is a good night’s sleep, your doula will do everything possible to help you get just that.
  • If you want to manage the nights on your own and are looking forward to having support during your very busy days, your doula can be there to help.

Utilize our professional support in the way your family will benefit most. This time, it’s all about you!


Dulce Vida Doula Services is currently providing collaborative care with Chinook City Doulas to further the compassionate and exclusive care our clients receive.

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