Your Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

You want to look fabulous and be comfortable! It can be a real challenge to keep your wardrobe fresh during pregnancy with your body changing on a daily basis. If you’ve never been pregnant before, the idea of putting together a maternity capsule wardrobe can be a little daunting. On bad wardrobe days, it can be tempting to rush off to the nearest maternity store and buy all the things but you want to invest in key maternity pieces that will last throughout your pregnancy and even into postpartum.

In Calgary, we have several really fantastic maternity boutiques including Ella Bella Maternity, Posh Mommy, and Baby & Me Maternity. All of them carry great maternity pieces, including basics, maternity bras and underwear, office wear, and even maternity pieces for special events. You’ll also find great nursing bras and tops for breastfeeding.


Online shopping favorites are ASOS Maternity, Hatch Collection, Pink Blush Maternity, and Seraphine. Maternity wear has come a very long way in the last few years and you no longer have to sacrifice style or comfort to have a baby.


A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential pieces that aren’t likely to go out of fashion and can generally be mixed and matched throughout the seasons and years. Obviously, you won’t be pregnant for long but it’s worth investing in some key maternity items that will be flattering and practical both during pregnancy and afterward.


When it comes to maternity fashion, there a few universal do’s and don’ts.


DO choose about 10 items that are neutral and can be mixed and matched to suit any occasion, day or night.


DON’T just buy regular clothes in bigger sizes. As your breasts grow and your belly expands, these items will just be awkward and frumpy or become too small.


DO keep embellishing pieces in rotation. Blazers, jackets, scarves, and of course shoes (until your feet get swollen) can continue to be great pieces for you to add style to your wardrobe.


DON’T underestimate how much you will grow. If the maternity clothes you’re trying on at 12 weeks are form fitting, they’ll be no-fitting at 35 weeks. Choose pieces with lots of stretch and a little bit of room to grow.


DO try to focus on two neutral colors throughout your basic pieces. Black and gray or navy are great choices. You can then accessorize or add in some color with inexpensive tops, scarves, blazers, shoes, and jewelry.


DO check sizing charts carefully when ordering online and read any sizing recommendations. If you’re shopping in person get sizing support from the staff. They should be experts on the brands they carry and their fit.


Okay! So now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do you’re ready to make a shopping list and start building your perfect maternity wardrobe.


Time to shop!

A Little Black Dress

Yes! The fashion staple Little Black Dress is still an important piece during pregnancy. Perfect for the office under a blazer, date night, events, and even weddings, the Little Black Dress is essential. Rosie Pope understands the importance of an LBD! Have a peek at her Little Black Dress Bar on Rosie Pope Maternity.

Maternity Jeans

Like the LBD for your casual bottom half, maternity jeans are definitely an essential item. There are so many choices for maternity denim out there. I love the Mama.Licious Plain Maternity Jeans. Keep it simple, right?


BLANQI Black Maternity Leggings

BLANQI Black Maternity Leggings

You know what they say: “Diamonds were a girl’s best friend and then somebody invented leggings.”

Leggings aren’t just for working out and lounging around. You can wear leggings and look seriously fashionable in 2017. My favorites are the super supportive Blanqi High Performance’ Maternity Belly Lift & Support Leggings at Nordstrom.


A Blouse

You’ll want something you can dress up or wear to the office. I recommend choosing a soft fabric because your skin can be ultra sensitive during pregnancy. I like the simplicity of this white shirt from ASOS. It would look great dressed down with jeans or tucked into a pencil skirt for work.


At work with ballet flats, weekending with a rolled cuff and sneakers, a simple pair of black trousers are a key item for your maternity capsule wardrobe. Seraphine Maternity has a classic pair of Tailored Black Maternity Trousers.

H&M MAMA Jersey Pencil Skirt in Black - Calgary Maternity Fashion

H&M MAMA Jersey Pencil Skirt in Black

A Pencil Skirt

So many options for wearing a neutral pencil skirt. Tucked, untucked, belted, dressed up or down. H&M’s MAMA Jersey Pencil Skirt is amazing! Plus that price!

A Tunic

Keep it simple for lots of options. Dress up with accessories or down with your jeans. Me? I’d grab a two pack of basic tunics from ASOS Maternity.

A Tank Top

I recommend a nursing tank that will last you into postpartum. Bun Maternity’s Signature Nursing Tanks are gorgeous, high quality and work for both before and after your baby is born. Find them at Ella Bella Maternity right here in Calgary!

A Bathing Suit

Smaller ladies may be able to rock a regular bikini throughout their pregnancies but those of us with a little more junk in the trunk benefit from the support maternity bathing suits offer. I love the bathing suits at Hatch Maternity.


Your ever-expanding chest will thank you for choosing something both supportive and sexy. A well-fitted bra also helps your entire figure look better. Maternity underwear will keep you feeling sexy without having your panties in a bunch. We love this set from Cake Maternity. Find Cake Maternity at Posh Mommy in Calgary’s Kensington. They’re pros at fitting maternity and nursing bras with a very stylish selection.


Look for cute comfortable shoes with low or flat heels. Add some pretty scarves and jewelry to mix things up, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a fabulous new purse that does double duty as a diaper bag! I love my Matt & Nat Tamara Diaper Bag With Changing Pad from West Coast Kids.


By following a few simple style and shopping rules and adding some key pieces to your maternity wardrobe you’ll be rocking that baby bump in style.


Matt & Nat Tamara Diaper Bag

Matt & Nat Tamara Diaper Bag